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Early intervention for children with learning disabilities whose behaviours challenge

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CBF families email network

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation has an email network for family carers, which you can join if you wish to read and share advice with other families.

It is good to get information, advice and encouragement from other families who have faced similar problems to ours. It is also good to be able to help others from our own experiences.


The Family Carers’ Email Network enables you to be in touch with a number of families around the UK. You can share experiences, information and receive support – without any obligation to reply or to identify yourself. Being put in contact with other people who have been in your shoes has proved to be invaluable for many families supported by the CBF.

Please note that the Challenging Behaviour Foundation’s Family Carers’ Email Network is specifically for family carers who have a loved one with severe learning disabilities. You can read the CBF’s definition of ‘severe learning disabilities’ on their website.

I just love the email network - it does not make me feel quite so isolated.


The CBF also offer an alternative list of forums – download the list.

For an application form, click here.
For an electronic version, please get in touch.