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Paving the Way

Early intervention for children with learning disabilities whose behaviours challenge

Welcome to our website!

posted on 14/03/16

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Paving the Way online resource. Paving the Way is our new name for the Early Intervention Project, a joint project between the Challenging Behaviour Foundation, and the Council for Disabled Children. Now in its third year, the project has aimed to create a vision of what the right support looks like and how to implement this in practice. We’re delighted to finally be able to consolidate our information on this new website!

This site aims to provide families with the information they need, inspire professionals and commissioners to develop good services, and raise awareness of the fact that children with learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges need the right support early in childhood. By promoting good practice, and methods such as Positive Behaviour Support, Paving the Way aims to help reduce the severity and frequency of challenging behaviour and improve quality of life for children with learning disabilities.

We want to make sure that families raising children with learning disabilities and behaviour described as challenging get the right information and support early and that children are supported from the outset to achieve a full and happy life.

Jacqui Shurlock – Paving the Way Project Manager

This website contains a wide range of information and resources relating to early intervention. We have a section dedicated to family stories, entitled ‘Learning From Families’, which gives real life examples of what has been helpful for families of children with severe learning disabilities and behaviour that challenges. We also have a section giving examples of good practice, and a section of useful resources.

Included in our resources section is a brand new set of PBS resources for families, which has been developed in partnership with the PBS Academy. This pack of resources aims to provide information about what Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) is and what it looks like in practice. For more information, download the introduction to the pack.

Lastly there is this section – the website’s blog. We will be updating this section regularly with new project information or related developments, including information about new resources for early intervention and developments on a national level. Guest bloggers will be contributing – so watch this space!

We would love to hear your thoughts on the new website – if you wish to tell us what you think, please fill in the feedback form on the website! For updates on resources, please email to join our email reference group.

Download ‘Paving the Way’.

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