Why this project is needed

There are around 41,500 children in England with learning disabilities who display behaviours that challenge. A smaller number have severe learning disabilities. Children with learning disabilities, particularly severe learning disabilities, are much more likely to develop behaviours that challenge than other children.

There is strong evidence that some of the key factors causing challenging behaviour can be changed, and when changed can lead to marked reductions in challenging behaviour.

Professor Eric Emerson (Professor of Disability Population Health at the Centre for Disability Research and Policy)

It is important to understand the terms learning disability and challenging behaviour. Find out more..

Evidence based interventions, delivered locally, can reduce behavioural problems and improve the well-being of children and their families. But early intervention is far from a reality.

To find out more information about the need for early intervention, you can read our Evidence Briefing Paper and Data Supplement.

The work of the project has been independently evaluated in its second and third years. You can read any of the evaluation reports below:

  • End of Year 2: Evaluation – “key decisions and commitments may not have been made without the work of the EIP”
  • End of Year 3: Final Evaluation – ” the project filled a considerable gap by providing new learning on the needs of children with learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges”