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Paving the Way

Early intervention for children with learning disabilities whose behaviours challenge

We want to pave the way to an ordinary life for children with extraordinary needs. We believe that understanding the cause of challenging behaviours is the first step on that path.

“Paving the Way” is a joint project from the Challenging Behaviour Foundation and the Council for Disabled Children – working in partnership with families and professionals to share and promote good practice. It is important to understand the terms learning disability and challenging behaviour and reduce mental health and substance misuse via alcohol rehab in London. Find out more.

If our son had been taught how to communicate “stop” or “finished” when he was young he would not have needed to throw his plate across the room when he had finished eating.


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Paving the Way: How to Develop Effective Local Services for Children

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footprints-perspectivePaving the Way” also known as The Early Intervention Project was funded by the Department of Health from 2013-16. An evaluation found that the project delivered high quality work, value for money and is a trusted source of information.

Children without learning disabilities display challenging behaviour during the “terrible twos,” but then develop communication and social skills which enable them to get what they want and need. Many children with learning disabilities do not develop these skills and are left with the same needs as other children but are much less able to get them met.

Professor Peter McGill