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Paving the Way

Early intervention for children with learning disabilities whose behaviours challenge

Who is involved?

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Paving the Way” also known as The Early Intervention Project was funded by the Department of Health through the Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development Fund from 2013-16.

The project is being managed in partnership by the Challenging Behaviour Foundation (CBF) and the Council for Disabled Children (CDC). The project works in partnership with:

Family carers

The priorities for the project were guided by workshops held with family carers. Family carers reviewed all the resources developed. A number of family carers are part of the email reference group. Family carer volunteers provide advice to the project, share their experiences and speak at events and conferences.

Children and young people

The project engaged with children and young people through a focus group and a video competition. We will be interviewing children and young people to engage in more depth on some of the issues raised.

It makes sense to work together. Combining everyone’s experience and expertise gives us a better chance of improving children’s lives.

Jacqui Shurlock, Early Intervention Project Manager


Professionals, including clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, paediatricians and researchers, provide guidance via the steering group which also has representatives from Department of Health and Department of Education. A wide range of professionals are also members of the email reference group.


Commissioners from health, education and social care have taken part in our workshops, provided advice on what information they would find useful and sought advice on how to commission early intervention services.

Academic experts

Academic experts have worked in partnership with the project to summarise the evidence. The project has been asked to advise academic research proposals and to contribute to published research reviews.

For more information about the organisations involved, please visit their websites: